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Your face is a work of art

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Muaah Beauty offers you quality makeup at 'normal people's' prices.

Woman were born beautiful! Muaah Beauty celebrates that.

Lip Stains That Stay in Place

Muaah Beauty lip stain is an all-day wear product. The pigments within the stains are the truest essence of the color and more vibrant. When applied, our lip stain becomes a smooth strip with no lumps. One full swipe covers your lips, so you end up using less of the product. Additionally, our lip stains are easily removed with makeup remover or soap and water.

Our "I Heart Red" lip stain is our signature color. It is not like any other red lip color in the world. Most women go nuts over this deep red matte finish. Reminiscent of a 1940's Hollywood diva retro look. 

Lip Glosses That Moisturize, Shine & Last

Muaah Beauty lip gloss is FABULOUS!!! It is yummy, girly, long lasting, pouty and kissable. Not sticky but thick and silky.

Shhhhhh! Our Lip Stains & Lip Glosses Have a Secret

Put our lip glosses over any of our stains and...BAM! You have a new color and a new look. Put our Cotton Candy over our I Heart Red and you go from a 1940's Hollywood retro look to a shiny, powerful, rich and confident diva!

Easy to Use

The applicator in each tube makes it easy to draw a straight line on your lips. Our lip stains and lip glosses literally glide across your lips.

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More makeup on the Way

We are developing more outstanding and exclusive makeup, and we look forward to serving you. Visit us again soon to take a look.